SUMAGOGGLE is a Patented (Two approved patents ), Ergonomic New Design for a Safety or Sports Goggle. It fits over eyeglasses like no other goggle available in the marketplace today, because It has special areas for the eyeglasses frames and their temple arms. It conforms to the topography of the face making it the most comfortable design of its kind. When fitted with padding and special holes, the proximity of the nose bridge area to the wearer's nose allows the air to get sucked out of the goggle during inspiration, thereby preventing fogging inside the goggle. It provides the wearer with a full field of vision without distortions. It solves the problems that have been plaguing goggle wearers and preventing them from compliance.

Non compliance with wearing goggles has resulted in an increasing number of eye injuries every year:  the BLS survey revealed that 94 percent of injuries to workers wearing eye protection resulted from objects or caustics going around or under the protector. But less than six percent of the injuries happened to workers wearing goggles, which generally offer a tighter fit around the eyes. In The US alone, Eye injuries of all types occur at a rate of more than 1,000 per day. Each year some 100,000 of these will be disabling because of temporary or permanent vision loss.

These are some of the excuses you may hear voiced about not wearing eye protection :
1. The safety goggles give me a headache.

2. This eye protection is too hot to wear.

3. The goggles are constantly dirty.

4. My eye protection is always fogging over.

5. These safety glasses never fit correctly.


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