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At SUMA BRAND, you can find the Real Solutions for protection of the Eyes. 

Dr. Basimah Khulusi is a board certified Rehabilitation physician who has provided direct patient care for over 30 years. She helped her patients overcome their limitations using all different ways and means possible, and thereby she helped them achieve their heighest level of functioning possible. Now, she's doing the same for Computer Users.

When she started to use the Computer for research, Dr. Khulusi realised that her eyes were suffering from STRAIN ("To exert to the utmost"), and that the solution should decrease the amount of work of the eye . That lead to the invention of SUMACKE.

Dr. Khulusi also invented SUMAGOGGLE which is a patented Lightweight Fashionable Futuristic Ergonomic Design for a Sports or Safety Goggle. Sumagoggle fits like no Other. It conforms to the topography of the face, thus requiring the least amount of tension to hold in place. Its new curves allow it to provide a Full Field Of Vision without Distortions. And, It doesn't Fog Up.

Dr. Khulusi also invented VRV GOGGLE  which is a patented housing for the Virtual Reality Visors with a Fashionable Futuristic Ergonomic Design, has a special temple arms space to hide the wires of the Computer, and allows no glare around the Computer screen area.


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